Always have what I call a magical ballet spray in your dance bag.

Take a small spritzer bottle, fill it with ¾ rubbing alcohol, ¼ water, and a few drops of whatever essential oil you like.  I like lavender, so that is what I use, but you could also use tea tree oil, lemon, sage, anything.  Spray off your feet after you have finished dancing for the day.  The spray kills odors, gets rid of bacteria, toughens up feet by drying them out and helping to develop calluses and is inexpensive to make. 
Source: Mary Carpenter via Dance Informa

best method to take care of your pointe shoes

You can soften the box of your pointe shoe with rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing alcohol is preferable to water because is dries more quickly.  lightly soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and dab across the box of the shoe at the place where it should bend on demi-pointe.  Never pour the alcohol or water directly onto the shoe as that could weaken too much of the shoe and make it unwearable.   After softening the boxes in this manner, it is especially important to allow them to dry out completely before wearing.

rubbing alcohol on pointe shoes

Source: wwwallaboutpointe.weebly.com