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Inside Her Bag...

Tyler is a Professional Division dancer at Alvin Ailey in New York City. Tyler’s days are varied and may include pointe class, Graham Technique, yoga class, costume fittings, master classes and performances. Here’s a look at the everyday essentials that keep Tyler organized.

Q+A with Tyler

Tell me about your dance bag.

I love using my Herschel Backpack as a dance bag! This is my first backpack dance bag.  I like that it stands upright, so it stays better organized and is easier to access.  I secure my mesh pointe shoe bag to the leather strap on the outside.  And a backpack style is great for the four-block trek from Fordham University’s campus (where I live) to the Alvin Ailey Dance studios.

What are the must haves for your dance bag?

A thera-band, extra pointe shoes, and a good snack.

What is your favorite studio snack?

Dark chocolate and cherries and almonds.

What is your favorite recovery food?

Almond milk.

Which pointe shoe do you wear?  

I wear Stellar Standards by Suffolk.  I get the shanks nailed to give me a custom fit.

Do you remember your first recital?

Yeah - I was a "black cat"! My favorite part was getting to wear a tail on stage

Share one thing we may not know about you.

I enjoy exploring design, architecture and fashion in my free time. It’s how I fuel my creativity and how I’m inspired by mainstream influences.


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